Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hi all!!! We now have a new home on the web!
Check out our new BLOGSITE (a blog and our main website in one) @

Blogger has been very good to us, but it's time to bid it adieu. We now have a place where our images are front and center. A place to display them on a larger scale. A place where our creativity may live and dwell peacefully. A place, well... a place to call our very own : )!

So go ahead. Swing on by and knock. We promise to answer!!.

{Here's a sneak peek}

Hi all!!! We now have a new home on the web!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

{Family Portrait Session} ~ Cardenas Kids

Knock. Knock. There was a hesitant answer to the door. Understandably so. It was almost 9:00 at night and the only person who would stop by at this late hour would be her mom. Clearly, as she peaked from their door, I was not mom.

With sheer delight and excitement, we surprised the Cardenas family with a semi-unexpected surprise. It was half of their print order. The accordian cards. The reaction? Priceless! It's times such as these that really make late night deliveries to clients worth while. Especially for this special family. Their heart-warming and lovable personalities x's 4 = absolute joy!

We'll have a part II to their session with all four of them in one shot. Till then, enjoy these from their last session.

Ok... so I had to stick one vintage feel in here.
I was going to include a couple of shots of the accordian cards, but hesitated to do so. Reason? They'll be displaying them for Joaquin's and Natalia's birthday bash, so I didn't want to ruin any surprises!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So.... we're not asking you to become crazed, face-painted, no-shirt wearing in 25 degree weather, type of fans, buuuuuut, come check out our brand new Facebook Fan Page!!! Like I mentioned on the previous post, I was more or less hesitant on doing so. It took a few days to click the "publish" button, but I took that step of faith, and now..... TA-DA!!!

Come visit us... be a crazed fan and be on the lookout for future discussions!


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Monday, February 22, 2010

To Bruise My Ego Or Not

Ok... I'm totally stepping out on the limb on this one. I've been dancing (like MC Hammer with the big parachute pants) around the idea of creating a fanpage on Facebook. Ok.... so I've created one, but I haven't published it for public veiwing. Admittedly so, it is out of fear that NO ONE will join. And it really is out of character for me to care so much about being accepted, but I guess when it boild down to my child, my hubby, & now my biz, I'm a tad bit overprotective of it. But it's "big girl" time and I will do it, however, I still want your opinion on it. Vote on it! Should I or shouldn't it?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kuroi Ame ~ Black Rain

We couldn't have gone back any sooner and my heart just sang when I heard where Ms. Alyssa's 7th Birthday party will be held. We'll definitely be there and not because of the venue, but because of how fabulous this little girl is. Most importantly, it's because of how fab-tastic her Momma is!

As we finished our delicious and hunger-reducing meal to the sounds of thunder, rain, and jungle creatures, we set off to the grand finale. Build-a-Bear! And this is where Aly bonded a friendship with an unsuspecting furry, forest friend. She picked out her friend herself and helped "stuff" her to her utmost comfort level. She sealed her heart with a rub and a kiss, and promised to always care for her.

We hadn't chosen the name until the day after. The name came quite easily and suited this black bear to a T. The blank spot on her "birth certificate" is now neatly written in. She is now, "Kuroi Ame". Japanese for "black rain". Black because, well, HELLO! She's a BLACK bear. And rain because it rained the night we brought her home. Heck, it was raining while we were walking to the car! Why Japanese you ask? I've always all things Japanese. They're beautiful and I hope to one day be able to visit the country of the Rising Sun with my family. To see the gentle cherry blossoms in full bloom, to eat authentic Japanese food in little hole in the wall digs, and to just marvel at the surroundings engulfing us in a beautiful way.

I've also had a thing about Geishas. It's amazing the work and studies they put into this art. It all started roughly more than 22 years ago. My Mom's office at Yamaha was decked out with these dolls. These amazing and stunning works of art. Her Geisha dolls. As a little girl visiting her at work, I was never bored because I had these colorful and elegant dolls to gaze at. When her days at this company ended, she was gifted all her Geisha dolls as a "farewell" and as a "thank you" for her many years of employment. Two of these stunners were then gifted to a wide-eyed child. Her daughter. Me!

And roughly 22 years later, they are now gazed at by another wide-eyed little girl. Aly.

Interestingly enough, after all these years, I had never named my Geisha dolls. But they are no less special because of it. Maybe one day, my daughter will name them herself.

This is not nearly as old as the other two, but special nonetheless. She was gifted to me 4 years ago for my birthday by a special friend. A sister really.

As soon as this book hit the shelves, I went out and bought it, read it, and finished it the same day.

(It's been read & borrowed many a times.)

But now we have a new and an even more special Geisha to add to the mix. Say 'hello' to, Kuroi Ame.

She may not have been around for more than 20 odd years, but already, she has earned her title as Geisha and surpassed her time as maiko.


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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

{Sneak Peek} ~ Cardenas Kids

To say that time has flown by, and has flown by rather quickly, is an understatement compared to seeing a couple of kids grow. And grow they most certainly have. Quite quickly!! I met them when one was 8 and the other was 3. Now he's 15 and has completely towered over me. And she's 10. A beautiful & graious 10 year old.

~~ Joaquin ~~


More to come!


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